• 1. Sell Tickets
  • 2. Serve Pancakes
  • 3. Raise Money
  • 4. Have Fun

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Funds Raised & Volunteer Calculator

Want to know how many tickets you need to sell for your event to meet your donation goal & how many volunteers you need to recruit? Enter your desired amount below and see!

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* Please note that the MAXIMUM number of tickets sold for an event is 300 which is $1,200 in funds raised.

Tips for Success

Make Breakfast Fun

Make the Breakfast even more fun! If your event is near the holidays, make it a Pancake Breakfast with Santa! Creativity is encouraged but it's your financial responsibility if you choose to do so. Just make sure you coordinate with the restaurant's General Manager ahead of time if you plan on having a special guest or doing something outside of the normal Breakfast. We want to make sure we're all on the same page.